WordPress is the most powerful since 2003 and desired Content Management system (CMS) tool in all over the world. About 35% peoples of the world only using the WordPress for their Websites creation.In recent survey of 2020, I realized that an almost 550+ websites are daily building on WordPress because WordPress providing 56000+ free plugins for user. But here we are going to discuss the Best WordPress plugins and helpful for its users.     

                                                                                                                                                                   About 65 million websites are built in WordPress and now the WordPress becoming the no:1 CMS tool in all over the world.The WordPress market share in the CMS about 61.1 % the most poplar tool used in the world as CMS. Peoples wants to install WordPress due to free of cost of WordPress. and provide you cost beneficial tool for the person who have low budget but want to build a website like business or Web-logging etc.

    Why I always prefer to WordPress?

      Because of  the followings “Best WordPress plugins”

          1.Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is the common  plugin used for the google ranking. Yoast providing a facility of greenish lights and tell the peoples if light is green it mean your website is just perfect according to your niche and no need any further improvements as it include in the list of best WordPress plugins.                                                                                

Yoast SEO
Best WordPress Plugins





Red indicator always dangerous for your website ranking it appears only when your article not relevant to your niche and google did not rank it.It is death sign for your on page SEO article or for your site.Always avoid from this death sign as Yoast SEO has feature that tells you how you can avoid from this sign and safe your website or article from bad SEO.

Yoast Red SEO

Orange lights tells the user that what’s post or page needs improvement things are relevant to your niche but not exactly match with your specific topic you have a chance to improve it.The Best WordPress plugin wants to show you or tell you that your site needs to improvements  so should follow the step that yoast describe you for good SEO.

Yoast SEO orange light

                                                                                                                                                                      And Greenish light always represent signal of something excellent it appears only when the all posts or pages related article relevant to your niche.You are doing very Yoast always help you for your post ranking as it is the best WordPress plugin for good or I think its really good SEO service provider for On page SEO specially.

SO if you want to install this plugins just go to dashboard of your website and go for >add new plugin and search “Yoast SEO” then when you see this plugin then first of all download and then install Yoast SEO.

Best WordPress plugins


Elementor is the most important and Best WordPress plugin in over the world for web designer. It works same like your WordPress editor with the help of it you can make your website landing most beautiful or must attractive as you want.And you don’t need any attractive theme or the theme you want to install or activate for your landing page can be very costly. But Elementor is free of cost and you can edited or made your landing page as you want.

3. WOO Commerce:

Woo commerce
Best WordPress Plugins

It is also best WordPress plugin use for the E-commerce websites. And most useful plugin used by the businesses or corporate sectors website.Your whole business or company can run only just in one plugin in Woo commerce you can do your all business activities in just one click as if anyone wants to purchase a product from your website then woo commerce plugin will show your all products to your visitor.
Woo commerce have different options such as

Product Payment
SO you can perform your all business activities just in one plugin of WordPress.

4. Contact form 7:

Contact Form
Best plugin for contact with customer.

When you need to connects with your customers or visitors of website then you have an option to install Contact form 7 plugin have 5 million users as it provide a From for your website with the help of it your customer or your visitor can touch you and can send his/her message to you.Sometime you want to know your visitor’s opinions for your Website. so form 7 can provide a facility for your visitor connection.
We can also say that basically contact form 7 has feature that will show a form for you as it is best WordPress plugin and your visitor connections.

5.Google Analytics for WordPress:

When you want to know how many person comes in your website regular and how much time they are spending in your website (bounce rate).You can analysis your website traffic from just a single plugin of WordPress provide you best WordPress plugin as it can be very helpful for monitoring your website or when you want to know how much traffic is coming on your website and where they are coming from, when you want to analysis your website rating and you also want to know your website is working properly or not.

Best WordPress plugin

What are the Main benefits you can gain from WordPress?

Simple Tool:

WordPress is simple CMS tool for the websites developers in which everything can be published easily with no any technical expert. Sometime you don’t need to hire an expert person for website as WordPress functions are very easy and simple for users.

Free of cost:

In this Era you have to something give for the usage of anything but you can use WordPress complete with plugins without any cost. So we can say that it is most beneficial tool for the person who have low budget but want to build a website like business or Web-logging etc.

Convenient use:

WordPress is just not simple CMS for their user but also easy to use and convenient for the user. It always provides friendly environment for the user and gives also tips to users.

100%Customization of blog:

WordPress providing facility of 100% customization in which or means you can customize or change your all functions related to your website with facing any difficulties.

WordPress is safe and secure:

Your website installed on WordPress is always safe and secure as WordPress is powerful security system with great protection of your website.AS an owner of your website your website must be secured and safe because if your website is not safe and secure then it a chance to your website can be damaged and destroyed as google is blacklisting 20000+ websites at weakly basis as malware detected.


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    you can buy all these premium plugins at a cheaper rate.

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