Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Best WordPress SEO Plugins:

There are almost 50 pages in WordPress for SEO plugins with about 55000+ total plugins used in WordPress. You have thousand of plugins for SEO but now you need  to select  from that Some Best SEO plugins.How it is possible you choose the right plugin for your website as your on page SEO is totally working on the SEO Plugins you  selected. So that’s why today, I am going to tell you that how you can build a perfect SEO Plugins for your WordPress site with the help of Just 2 Best Plugins.

What is SEO?

SEO Plugins

A unique feature that can be very helpful for you website traffic and can tell you what’s your competitor is doing ?And can tell you about your niche,Now I want to tell you that SEO have 2 types such

1.On page SEO(technical SEO)

2.Off page SEO

As the connection of on page is job like meta tags,title with other site optimization etc.SO I want to say that plugins are very helpful for your technical SEO and plugins have very important role in  you on page SEO. At technical SEO you can also improve your page speed,redirects etc So it is very important for you select right and suitable plugin for your SEO and rank your website at google with good SEO and make you and your visitor comfortable and delight.

The first Best WordPress SEO plugin I recommend is Rank Math and second is Yoast SEO:

1.Rank Math:

Rank math SEO

Every developer who is working on WordPress knows that names likes All-in-SEO pack or The SEO Framework plugins.It may some developer likes All in SEO pack or some like the SEO framework plugins.It can be very great and amazing opinion,But where may opinion or Like is concerned that I prefer to Best SEO plugin like  Rank  math SEO. It is a SEO plugin That provide help for the On page SEO And specially in the technical SEO jobs.And the thing I liked most from Rank Math SEO  is that It have lot of features and benefits just in one SEO Plugins and all features are integrated at one place from single trick you can get or gain a from it.So keep connect with me and I will tell you  the features and benefits you can gain in daily life from Best SEO Plugin.


1.The first feature of the Best SEO plugin is that when you scroll down the post then you will see a sample preview of how will be the page look in Google.

2.You can also edit your own custom text in it by clicking the title and description.

3.The amazing feature I found that you can add “Rich Snippets super” very easily,Method:

So let’s think If you want change the Rich snippets super-easily with post you review you can change easily by typing > Rich snippet, adding score and then save it in the draft.

Then you will see that your google SERP preview for “Rich snippets super“.

4.The awesome feature for those people who don’t have an idea to work with coding or structured data  can be solved by using Rank Math SEO.

5.Another Feature is that you have an option in your editor. To add the rel=“nofollow’tag without adding up any additional Plugins.So you can manually editing your HTML editor.By this way you can easily and quickly remove you no follow tags who is not trust full links or tags for you.Another feature in the editor is that you have the option to add the rel=“nofollow” tag without adding additional plugins or manually entering it yourself in the HTML editor. This is a great way to quickly add no follow tags to affiliate links or others you don’t fully trust.

Benefits From Site perspective:

Now, from a site wide perspective,

1.The Rank Math’s plugin is Just not best plugin but also very easy and convinent for its users as it will do complete tasks like generating sitemap,adding the target=”Blanks”links can be open in a new window automatically.

2.The other benefit from this plugin you can gain is that monitoring of 404 automatically as sometime lot of peoples are hitting for dead page.So it can good sign for saving redirect and page loading time.

3.Rank SEO is best WordPress plugin because if has lot of features for controlling your site map,redirects and for editing your txt.file easily.

Other Benefits from Best WordPress Plugins:

If you have a super-long post with a bunch of headings and subheadings, you might want to clean this up a bit. So you can set it to only create table of contents based on H2 tags. And you have facility to  update the page. And as it will be much cleaner and more user friendly for visitors to navigate around the page. Now, since a table of contents makes long pages look less daunting, it can help improve things like time on page, bounce rate, and dwell time. Plus, it can help you win jump links in the SERP, which may help increase your CTR.So you can easily say that Plugins are very amazing thing with help of you can do difficult things without knowing about coding.In point of fact I want to tell you that you can also create your Own free WordPress Plugin,and it was very surprised from me.So if you want to make it when it will released First of all Sign up at         , and you need to just change spaces with dashes.

Now,at the end result I Just want to say that this the Best WordPress SEO Plugin for the On-page SEO and specially in technical SEO but it is not for off page SEO as it is only working for the Title meta tags or description.It is also very suitable for the keyword research and competitor research. 

2.Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO Plugin

The second Best WordPress SEO plugin is the yoast SEO in which you can do on page SEO easily.

This plugin will help you for content writing and google index. When you are using this plugin then you don’t need to purchase any SEO package and the main thing is that it can save lot of dollar $ for SEO package as it is very of cost.

If you want to know more things about Yoast SEO you can visit it

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